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Morning Worship as Pastor Fowler preaches the Word of God to the church body....

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Hide the Word in my heart, that I might not sin...

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Ninth Street Baptist nestled in Covington's Eastside neighborhood....


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Missionary Baptist Church            231 E. Ninth Street - Covington, Kentucky  41011                
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Praise and Worship

High expectations in morning worship with  praise dance members who are preparing themselves prior to elevating the atmosphere of the congregation to recieved the word of God from Pastor Fowler.

Disciple's Prayer

1 And it came to pass , that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased , one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray , as John also taught his disciples. Luke 11:1 KJV

The Bible

Do you believe the Bible?  Today, God's Word ia available in various translations and formats.  It does not matter how you read the word... Just continue to read God's Word!


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What's New

WAIF 88.3 FM

Audio ministry expansion to
the airwaves.  Beginning the first Friday in March, we will be airing half hour segments of our Worship in the Word in two radio locations.  Currently we air on Wednesdays at 10:30 AM on the Gospel Extravaganza, hosted by Deacon Fulton Jefferson on WAIF FM radio, 88.3 on your dial (or digital site).

WCVG 1320 AM

Beginning March 2, 2017, we will be on air on Friday mornings at 11:00 AM on WCVG AM radio, 1320 on your dial (or digital site).

Current Events


Youth Ministry/Team Kids Kids in Discipleship... Youth ages 5 to 12 are welcome to be a part of this fun filled experience.  Beginning after Summer - Fall 2019 at 7:00 PM at Ninth Street Missionary Baptist Church 231 East Ninth Street Covington, KY. 41011 - Call (859)431-1388 for further details.

Recent Events

Condolences from N.S.B.C.

Celebration from Pastor Fowler and members of Ninth Street Baptist Church, we are grateful to celebrate 151 years of ministry throughout our community. Many has serveed, as well as gone on to Glory. Thank you God, for allowing us to serve and worship you in this vineyard. Thank You he memories. 

CBDA’s 10 Recommendations For Reopening


1.      Review, utilize and remain compliant with KY’s Healthy At Work 10 Rules To Reopening and KY Church Reopening Guidelines.


2.      Review, utilize and remain compliant with CDC and USDH guidelines and recommendations for Community and Faith Based Organizations.


3.      Develop your Seating Capacity Plan based upon an attendance not to exceed 33% of the building occupancy capacity while maintaining a 6ft social distancing radius between household units.

a.       100 building occupancy capacity @ 33% of capacity = 33 max attendance

b.      100 building occupancy capacity @ 6ft radius = 16 potential seats


4.      Clearly mark seating according to your Seating Capacity Plan.


5.      Remove all items from that are normally interchanged or shared. (Bibles, Hymnals, offering envelopes, etc.)


6.      Develop your Sanitization Plan. This plan should include the following:

a.       One deep clean prior to first service. Preferably by a professional service.

b.      A checklist for what needs to be sanitized after each service. You must sanitize in between all services!!!

c.       The timeframe needed for sanitization after each service.

d.      The sanitization products needed and where they will be stored.

e.       The number of persons needed for each sanitization effort.


7.      Develop your Worship Service Attendance Plan based upon your Seating Capacity Plan. This plan should include the following:

a.       How many services you will need to have to accommodate your congregation?

b.      How will you rotate services if more than one service is needed?

c.       Who will attend each service? (i.e. Last Names A-G, H-N, etc.)

d.       What will be the times of each service? (Times in between same day services should account for the sanitization process)


8.      Develop your Worship Service Plan. This plan should include the following:

a.       Will you continue providing online access to your services? This is highly recommended!!!

b.      What will be length of your service based upon your Worship Service Attendance Plan? Recommend keeping services to an hour or less.

c.       What will you do for music? Choirs and congregational singing are not recommended. However congregational singing should be done while wearing masks.

d.      How will you collect your offerings? Passing of trays is highly discouraged!!! Recommend setting up giving stations upon entry or exit accompanied by appropriate personnel. Recommend members to utilize online giving and have offering envelopes available.

e.       Do not distribute bulletins, flyers, etc.

f.        How will you handle children’s service? Recommend no children’s services at this point. Check KY childcare services schedule and guidelines.

g.      How will you handle Sunday School? Recommend no Sunday School services at this point and perhaps provide as an online option.


9.      Develop your Worship Service Entry and Exit Strategy ensuring the 6ft social distancing radius. This plan should include the following:

a.       How you will check each congregant’s temperature? (Preferably with a non-contact or thermal thermometer)

b.      How you will ensure each congregant is symptom-free?

c.       How you will ensure each congregant is wearing a mask? (Masks are required, and you must have masks available to distribute if needed)

d.      Will you require congregants to wear gloves? Recommend hospitality ministry (ushers, greeters, nurses, etc.) and appropriate church staff wear masks and gloves.

e.       How you will seat and dismiss the congregation?

f.        How you will ensure social distancing in your parking lot?

g.      What steps will you follow if someone has a temperature or gets sick during the worship service? (You must have a designated area for this and follow your Emergency Operations Plan – see 10.d.)

h.      How you will keep track of who attends services (by name roster)? (This is needed in case someone becomes sick and is infected with the virus. CDC protocol for contact tracing.)

i.        What signage will you provide to facilitate the flow of congregational traffic?

j.        How you will train your church staff, leaders and hospitality ministry (ushers, greeters, nurses, etc.) to ensure the execution of the strategy? (This training should include new welcoming techniques and other areas of pertinent information)

k.      Recommend propping doors open instead of having someone hold doors open when entering and exiting.

l.        Recommend restroom for emergency purposes only. Requires sanitization after each use. Only one person can use restroom at a time. Must provide separate restroom for medical emergency purposes.


10.  Develop your Worship Services Communication Plan. This plan should include the following:

a.       How will you communicate your reopening plans and new procedures to your congregation?

b.      Recommend that you celebrate reopening in some special way.

c.       How will you communicate with your congregation in the event of emergency or the need to cancel or change a worship service time?

d.      Recommend you create an Emergency Operations Plan that includes local EMT, Fire Dept, Police or other Health Officials that are responsible for responding to your church in the event of a crisis. Get local numbers not just 911.

Please visit for links to KY, CDC and USDH reopening guidelines and recommendations
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